Established since 1982 as a flexible packaging manufacturer, Sekoplas continues to grow as a leading supplier of plastic packaging products to the domestic and international markets. Over the years, the company worked hard to ensure strong growth through provision of superior quality and consistent service, and accelerated the process of growth by employment of strong and skillful professional workforce which is the core asset of the company. Sekoplas strives to provide our customers with quality products and excellent service at competitive prices on a win-win basis. Our team of customers support specialists are ever ready to provide you with exceptional customer care, accurate & prompt order processing, and on time delivery to your intended shipping destination globally. Our dedicated technical team comprising of professional staff with extensive experience in Polymers & Plastics combine with Service & Technology provides value added service to all our valued customers World Wide.




  • High quality raw materials
  • High performance extruders
  • Multi-coloured on-line printing
  • High precision & performance
  • Speedy & reliability
Sekoplas delivers consistent quality product to customers both locally and worldwide. These high standards are achieved through years of improved production methods and processes. In July 2005, we were accredited the ISO 9001: 2008 certification by SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd. The scope of the certification is Manufacturing of polyethylene and polypropylene bag and roll.
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